CryptoLocker Virus Removal and Prevention

Cybersecurity is a hot topic in the IT industry and unfortunately it does not seem to be going away anytime soon. One of the subjects we often get asked about at Express Computers has to do with CryptoLocker virus removal and prevention. CryptoLocker software is a malicious form of ransomware that first began attacking computers and their networks back in 2013. It infects Windows operating computers through email attachments that are often disguised as if they have been sent from recognizable, reputable companies. Once the ransomware locks onto the computer’s network, it encrypts all of the network files. Even if only one computer on a network of 50 is infected, all of the files on that entire network are at risk of becoming encrypted. Even the most secure networks can be affected by the virus,...

Choosing the Right Computer Hardware

Computer hardware consists of all of the physical parts that make up a computer. There are many different pieces of hardware that a computer requires in order to function effectively. These include the external parts that we are all accustomed to such as the monitor, keyboard and mouse as well as the internal parts such as the hard disk drive, memory (RAM), motherboard and more. If you are planning on building your own computer or purchasing a new computer, there are some important things you will need to consider with regards to the computer’s hardware components. Thankfully, Express Computers has the inside scoop on choosing the right computer hardware. We break down how you should go about evaluating computer hardware for your next purchase or project below:

What is your budget for spending on a computer?


Threats to IT Infrastructure

With so much of our business done online nowadays, we are prone to many new types of threats. One of the most heavily targeted business areas for new threats is the IT department and its infrastructure. It’s no secret that almost all businesses now store their most valuable data and information in some form of computer capacity. Because of this, there has been a substantial increase in cyber attacks targeting both business and personal IT infrastructures. Hackers and cyber attacks aren’t the only threat to IT infrastructure. Budgetary constraints, improper employee training/protocol and inappropriate usage of a company’s IT equipment all contribute to risk among the IT department. Learn more about these threats and how to prevent them below:

Budgetary Constraints

Believe it or not, one of the biggest threats to IT infrastructure can be the lack...

Secure Email for Businesses

No matter what size of business you own, the security of your company’s sensitive data and key information should be of utmost importance. Cyber attacks on small businesses are becoming increasingly popular and now, more than ever, it’s critical to protect your business. Thankfully there are simple and cost-effective solutions in place to prevent email hacking and cyber attacks. The first step in protecting your small business from cyber threats is to partner with a trusted team of business IT professionals. Express Computers has been helping small businesses secure their company email systems for several years now. Here are three expert tips to consider when securing email for your business:

1. Develop a cyber security plan

Cybersecurity can often be a complex subject for business owners and it’s often unclear where one should start. When looking into...
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