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Threats to IT Infrastructure

With so much of our business done online nowadays, we are prone to many new types of threats. One of the most heavily targeted business areas for new threats is the IT department and its infrastructure. It’s no secret that almost all businesses now store their most valuable data and information in some form of computer capacity. Because of this, there has been a substantial increase in cyber attacks targeting both business and personal IT infrastructures. Hackers and cyber attacks aren’t the only threat to IT infrastructure. Budgetary constraints, improper employee training/protocol and inappropriate usage of a company’s IT equipment all contribute to risk among the IT department. Learn more about these threats and how to prevent them below:

Budgetary Constraints

Believe it or not, one of the biggest threats to IT infrastructure can be the lack...

Smart Printing Solutions for Businesses

Our team at Express Computers is driven by offering complete support for anything technical. This is exactly the case for printers. Printing can be an expensive and high consumption process. Fortunately, in recent years technology has greatly improved the efficiency and value of Print Systems & Services. We can set you up with devices that will reduce your paper consumption and provide you better results while offering a host of additional features. In the end you will require fewer devices to support in your office, thus reducing your overall energy consumption. Below are a couple ways that your business can improve on being environmentally friendly in the office which can save you money.

Energy efficient printing equipment for your office

Most offices can usually operate with one device per 10 users. Many printers can go for days without being used....

Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Your Business IT Services

First of all, let me start by saying that the most important part of your business is the people. They are the ones who get up every day and spend 160 hours+ a month working away to sell your product or service and doing the administration. So hiring the best of the best candidate is crucial for the success of any business. How efficiently this person can do their job, is a close second. This is where you and your internal network come in a close second. The vast majority of companies cannot afford to maintain their Business IT in-house. The basic cost of a very small IT team is still about $50,000 a year in salary (1 skilled employee salary). Does that get your attention?... Here is a list of 5 reasons, why outsourcing your...
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