Personal IT Services


You do not have to be a small business or large organization to take advantage of professional IT services. Express Computers offers the same professional, business IT services to individuals as well. Our friendly, reliable information technology experts provide you with a stress-free experience to get your computer’s hardware and software performing the way it should. From virus removal and data backup to restoration, repairs and tune-ups, Express Computers has got you covered. If you are located in the Lower Mainland or Greater Vancouver area and in need of personal technology services, talk to the friendly team at Express Computers.

Protecting your personal data and information

When it comes to IT security, it is about more than your computer’s hardware and software. IT security is about protecting your personal information and identity. Express Computers can help you identify and address any IT vulnerabilities within your system and advise you on ways to minimize threats to your computer’s hardware and software. If you are experiencing any type of IT security issues, it is imperative to address them before the situation escalates. Let us know about any IT security issues that you are experiencing immediately so that we can help preserve any valuable information and data that you want to protect. We will work hard to help restore and recover your system and retrieve any lost information, minimizing the impact of the problem; furthermore, we will investigate the root cause to ensure you are protected from further threats in the future.

Our team of personal technology professionals

At Express Computers we make it our goal to provide you with expert advice and service to ensure that your personal technology is functioning at its best. Whether it is on site technology services or over the phone troubleshooting, our team is here to help and we guarantee your 100% satisfaction. To provide you with a fast turnaround time, many of our personal technology services are same-day or while-you-wait.

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