Computer Printers and Accessories


Choosing the right type of computer printer is important because it will impact both the quality of printing and the recurring cost of ink and toner replacements. Before purchasing a new printer for your personal computer or business, make sure you talk to the computer and IT experts at Express Computers. We carry a wide selection of personal and heavy duty printers from leading brands that will help you save money on future purchases of printer ink and printer toner replacements.

Computer printers for personal and business use

Express Computers is an authorized dealer of computer printers for a wide selection of computer printer manufacturers. This means that we have access to the latest technology to ensure your business is getting the most out of its printer systems. Printing can be expensive if your business isn’t set up with the proper type of computer printers. Express Computers can provide your small business or organization with printer devices that will reduce your overall printer ink, toner and paper consumption, while simultaneously giving you better results. Our IT and computer experts can analyze your business’s current printing setup, develop a strategy and recommend devices that will help optimize your printing processes.

Printer ink & toner refills

Never run out of computer ink or toner again. Our computer printer experts can monitor your printer systems remotely and ship ink and toner to your business before you run out. If you come across a problem with your computer printer’s toner or ink levels, we will be automatically notified and can respond immediately. For businesses dealing with larger printing challenges, Express Computers offers fleet-level management of print systems that will help your business minimize the total cost of printers, printer ink, and printer toner.

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