Referral Program

Want a FREE Lunch For You and Your Team?
Just Say These Three Magic Words…
“Contact Express Computers!”

Who is Eligible: The referral program is available to anyone who refers a *successful acquisition* through word of mouth

What Do you Get: Free Pizza or Subway lunch for referrers team or department at place of work (lunch room, board room)

  • What Qualifies as a Successful Referral?
    A new client who has signed up for our Corporate Services with a successful on boarding of the client
  • What is Included in the Lunch?
    Up to $100 Pizza or Subway catered lunch (max 10 people)

Where Do You Get Your FREE Lunch: To be delivered to the referrers place of work (boardroom, lunch room)

When do we get our FREE Lunch: Within 10 business days after referred client has successfully signed up for corporate services or has agreement reached (in writing)

Why Do We Do It: To give credit where credit is due

Click the following link as directed by your technician:
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