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Our Development Team - Software & Solutions

Ashwin – Senior IT Technical Specialist


Bob – Senior IT Technical Specialist

Pritpal – Senior IT Technical Specialist

David – IT Backup & Tools Administrator

Alex – Software Developer

Ashish – Software Developer

Sangeeta – Software Developer


Abhishek – QA Analyst

Kevin Koch – Software Development Consultant

Ray Andrews – Head of Application & Integration Strategy

Our Technical Operations Team

Rafael – IT Technical Specialist

Ernie – IT Technical Specialist

Jay – IT Technical Specialist

Harsh – IT Technical Specialist

Ron – IT Technical Specialist

Ali – IT Technical Specialist

Erwin – IT Service Delivery Specialist

Rommel- IT Service Delivery Specialist

Nicholas – IT Service Delivery Specialist

Raman Dhami – IT Operational Lead

Glenn Boettger – Director, Operations

Carson Thompson – Manager, Operations

Our Business Team

Kashif Takkhar – Account Manager

Mauricio Galvez – Account Manager

Ken Ahrens – IT Technician & Bench Lead

Manoj Goyal – Corporate Accountant & Sr. Administrator

Stacey Jamison – CEO

Craig Anderson – Vice President, Business Solutions